Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Episode 7
Stigma of the Disqualified sub

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Aired 2 weeks ago
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u/PhantomChaser09 · 2 weeks ago
Really hope the start making irl versions of Renlies blades
u/Tsundere_forever · 2 weeks ago
Woo, I love seeing creative annihilation powers.
u/2hands · 2 weeks ago
Right? With the sound to go along with it!
u/SomeGuy · 2 weeks ago
Bitch witch: Imma drop the nuke on them and dominate THA WORLDA
Alice: I'm about to end this bitch's whole carreer
u/Djtrizzle · 2 weeks ago
Alice's melancholic expression followed by the sigh from knowledge that she just committed mass genocide.༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
u/d3wa · 2 weeks ago
Asuna doko ni?
u/sawit27703 · 2 weeks ago
u wu probably two more episode
u/ShawnFrost · 2 weeks ago
Asuna, Am still waiting.
u/kreaon · 2 weeks ago
Burst Element !!!!
u/Me3 · 2 weeks ago
They're doing a terrible job of making us worry about the heroes. It's like watching an NBA team play their hardest against a bunch of toddlers. Also, I can't think of weapons more worthless than renly's. Finally only in anime does a coward instantly become a bad ass.
u/edgy_bach · 2 weeks ago
Renly is so cute
u/AverageOtaku · 2 weeks ago
Season will have 23 episodes.
u/Dddsasul · 2 weeks ago
it's a 12 episode season
u/kloka · 2 weeks ago
asuna aka the 1 m age that waits the whole fight to cast 1 spell
u/Mothshot · 2 weeks ago
... Alice. Asuna isn't even there yet.
u/kloka · 2 weeks ago
asuna aka the mage that waits to use 1 spell for the whole fight
u/TheCyber · 2 weeks ago
Where do I find the next episode
Or is it not out yet ?
u/kernalbutter · 2 weeks ago
Not out yet, next episode will be released next Saturday
u/eli27 · 2 weeks ago
Alice is insane...🤯🤯🤯
u/ziming · 2 weeks ago
Go Renly! and the twin sisters
u/TheCyber · 2 weeks ago
So ep is coming out next Saturday for me at 6 pm frek what a cliffhanger
u/PhantomChaser09 · 2 weeks ago
Welcome to basic marketing
u/TOBBG · 2 weeks ago
Literally nothing happens in each episode, i'm so bored or waiting a whole week for a tiny bit of content.
u/kanameow · 2 weeks ago
I just wish I could binge the whole season this weekly waiting sucks, netflix spoiled us
u/kanameow · 2 weeks ago
poor alice chan :( charged with the dessimation of thousands of fluctlights... all for one person ...
u/Lester11 · 2 weeks ago
Holy shit, Alice attack so powerful shook the heavens. I was such a waste to use this massive laser attack on such a small platoon i would have helped end war more quickly if they used that on more people half of attack was wasted on incerenating mountains
u/ichinara · 2 weeks ago
Where is my Stacia-sama