Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 Episode 9
Attack Titan sub

4.8 (769 votes)
Aired 4 months ago
Updated October 30, 2019 · 27.4k Views · by u/sinnx3


u/NextLevel · 4 months ago
OMG the guy remembered the future at the end of the episode. BRAH.
u/Loriethalion · 4 months ago
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u/MiddyBodiddy · 4 months ago
Watch the episode before reading the comments. Obviously people are going to talk about it
u/Loriethalion · 4 months ago
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u/Loriethalion · 4 months ago
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u/Djtrizzle · 4 months ago
There's a Paradox here somewhere.
u/Lucatiel · 4 months ago
Its not really a paradox, all the titan shifters memory are linked to oneanother irrelative of time.
u/OtakuNami · 4 months ago
Wife potato girl is back
u/paapmaan · 4 months ago
who's that?
u/ykan · 4 months ago
Sasha lol
u/ykan · 4 months ago
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u/Exerxes · 4 months ago
Eldians are definitely Jews, Believes in being chosen people, pact with satan, being genocidal, constant victimhood, lives surrounded by walls ie Israel, constant seeking for revenge from made up ancestry stories of victimhood.
u/Exerxes · 4 months ago
Marleyans are the Romans(Europeans) through sheer will and strength won over the genocidal titans, all hail Marleyan power!
u/prenchpry · 4 months ago
why are there 36 people who have watched this if it hasnt been out yet
u/Maxi · 4 months ago
watched it somewhere else then keep track on this site xD
u/Sunny649 · 4 months ago
watching on another site / RAW versions...
u/Sunny649 · 4 months ago
Or those people who read the Manga...! hmm..
u/paapmaan · 4 months ago
well they just made it before you dummy!
u/Kin · 4 months ago
Damn, they really have a deep history about Titan after all...
u/Lester11 · 4 months ago
now a new mystery who Mikasa,Armin really are ,its fucking hard to predict facts .That's why it got 9.12 rating on MAL
u/Hadzoni · 4 months ago
I think its just that he saw eren jeagers future memories. Nothing special really
u/Lester11 · 4 months ago
the fact that he can see future is not clear yet .I don't know man it's just mind boggling
u/Anon · 4 months ago
This episode is confusing but makes sense now about titans.
u/Seekynator3000 · 4 months ago
whos are those memories? I have been here before
u/Soongi · 4 months ago
I forgot Historia was a thing...
u/sinnx3 · 5 months ago
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u/Woethebro · 4 months ago
oh shit dude the guy at the end just went liek to the future im pretty sure mikasa and armin wasn't alive back then
u/FerPutra · 4 months ago
I see that historia is needed.... Right??
u/Arky · 4 months ago
its sad when you realize theres 1 episode left
u/ethanteeee · 4 months ago
I just had a bruh moment at the end...
u/maddie_batty · 4 months ago
omg howed he know what happens in the future... so many new facts this season is supper intense
u/Maxi · 4 months ago
ikr its so confusing but i think its like a loop of the same story happening again and again and again waiting for some one to change it lol
u/maddie_batty · 4 months ago
ya thats true
u/Xen0s_9 · 4 months ago
rip only 1 more
u/Tagged · 4 months ago
Yo that ending though? That's pretty hyphy, him seeing into future memories and shit, oof!
u/prenchpry · 4 months ago
he's phychic
u/Naniboi · 4 months ago
is it that its possible to see the future through the titan powers? NANI
u/Ryonk · 4 months ago
i dont think i've ever read that mikasa and armin part in manga...
u/kobayashi · 4 months ago
chapter 89 page 45 it's there bruh
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