Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Episode 7
This Lady Knight Is Too Doglike sub

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Aired 2 weeks ago
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u/Howardton · 2 weeks ago
Kazuma: My true successor
u/Djtrizzle · 2 weeks ago
Seiya whipping out the pimp hand lol.
u/Jaybeezos · 2 weeks ago
Mad respect for my guy who hits people indiscriminately. He's a true Feminist, treats women as equals!
u/Zeke · 2 weeks ago
he said these hands bisexual
u/Lester11 · 2 weeks ago
This anime keeps getting better each episode, it truly is god level anime
( ╹▽╹ )
u/paulo_pupim · 2 weeks ago
I'm disappointed that they didn't show every slap he gave to her. I wish i could have seen that.
u/user1 · 2 weeks ago
No subtitles
u/sinnx3 · 2 weeks ago
External subtitles - Toggle them via the CC button
u/Kuwaitasu · 2 weeks ago
CC wont work for me :(. Au engine better
u/sinnx3 · 2 weeks ago
AUEngine is pending for all the latest releases with no thumbnails. Going as fast as I can.
u/Derpitan · 2 weeks ago
I dont log in often, but you deserve a huge thanks from me, and from all of us who use this site. Thank you, very, very much for the anime, and the work you put in
u/Bndr__q · 2 weeks ago
keep up the good work, hands down best streaming site
u/Galaxydragon24 · 2 weeks ago
Goddess feet at 16:08 and 20:23
u/Kuwaitasu · 2 weeks ago
I just realized theres 3 e's in tueee.
u/sinnx3 · 2 weeks ago
Please DO NOT post urls or linkbacks to rival site, you get only 1 warning before a ban.
u/jcn50 · 2 weeks ago
Yeah right: the invisible rule that I am supposed to know~
u/KayoSpazz · 2 weeks ago
its common sense
u/sinnx3 · 4 days ago
It's located on our discord. if you didn't join that's not on us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
u/kreaon · 2 weeks ago
Skill : Multi bitchhh Slapp
u/kreaon · 2 weeks ago
love this anime
u/darktenchi · 2 weeks ago
leave her be.... get too close and she'll bite. Epic line
u/arayay77 · 2 weeks ago
lol Seiya making the Gods truest and ugliest selves appear >.
u/akirici · 2 weeks ago
I have never laughed so hard recently. He just slapped back her and her face impression, priceless...
I just watch this anime cause absurd face impression, so funny xD
u/Lee_ZoMBiE · 2 weeks ago
The slap and the war goddess are soo funny this eps.
u/RetroEndless · 2 weeks ago
That archer goddess thingy woman MUST have Darkness aura, or should I say, a secret fetish?
u/Boom · 2 weeks ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Jaybeezos · 2 weeks ago
Why can't I have an option to read the hidden comments. I hate complete democracy.
u/OneTouchStyla · 2 weeks ago
i cant see anything its just a blank screen for me
u/Margott · 2 weeks ago
As a woman, I say he did nothing wrong by hitting that awful chick
u/l2bunny · 2 weeks ago
mmm mmm mmm that apple looking delectable yo
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