Shin Cutey Honey
1994 · OVA

2 (1 votes)
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Synonyms: Shin Cutie Honey
New Cutey Honey
New Cutey Honey Dark Group
Shin Cutey Honey Yami no Gundan-Hen

Shin Cutey Honey
1994 · OVA

2 (1 votes)
MAL: 6.69
AniDB: 5.36
Cosplay City is in danger when the evil Dolmeck shows up. Commanding his army of monsters, he plans on destroying everything. Only one person can stop this: Cutey Honey. After she is released from her dormancy, Honey Kisaragi becomes the multi-transformational android Cutey Honey. However, the least is expected when Honey is faced with an old enemy from the past: Panther Zora. (Source: AniDB)

Summary taken from: MyAnimeList

Episodes 8
Year 1994 Status Finished
Season Unknown
Duration 26m / ep.

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