Pokemon (2019) Episode 3
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Aired 1 week ago
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u/MaxIsHereYeet · 1 week ago
so the professor was basically like: Heres a new phone. Also it has unlimited battery and a sentient creature in it. Enjoy.
u/N8bbs · 1 week ago
This is another great ep
u/godsxna · 1 week ago
we're gonna meet Scorbunny next episode AND HOPEFULLY OUR BOY GROOKEY TOO YUUUUUUUUURRRR
u/AdSJB · 1 week ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/YuujiKujo · 1 week ago
bruh, this is pokemon
u/Emperor_Kweh · 1 week ago
thinking too much in it. If you want to understand then from what I saw, he never had anyone other then the girl to want to be his friend so going from there its kinda like an inosuke (if u ever watched demon slayer) how he feels all mushes and never had felt that way before. Again I also could be thinking too much but still imo I just think he just wants a friend and ash since ash is unique and not like the others.
u/AdSJB · 4 days ago
People really didn't like that huh? I didn't say he was for a fact, I was asking instead of dislike bombing me ya'll could just said "No, he friend". Jeez. Anyways, yeah, I can see it may be a friend but the way the went about it so many blushes made it seem weird. I'd never seen his friends do that in previous series so I was like "Wah? Are they actually-? No, surely not." I got confused is all.
u/Guzzy021 · 1 week ago
Hate hate hate hate hate hate this new series way more then the previous one aaaaa
u/AutisticWeeb · 1 week ago
u/MaxIsHereYeet · 1 week ago
So basically this anime series isnt based around sword and shield is it? Huh…..
u/Anobeus · 1 week ago
I think this Go guy is gay and also pussy and maybe incel and while I’m at it cuckold
u/zest_mc · 1 week ago
one other thing, when hugging ash (or satoshi) Go the only one blushing🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

u/The_Riddler · 1 week ago
Watch Go actually be a girl this entire time. If he isn't a girl then he's gay.
u/kanameow · 1 week ago
this is the gay progression we never asked for but unexpectedly needed
u/poololy5 · 1 week ago
in this we find out ash is spider man
u/SWeeboii · 1 week ago
I love the new Rocket gang
u/SHADOWSOTONG · 1 week ago
the japanese rocket voices are sooooo diffrent from the english ones
u/beast17 · 12 hours ago
Okey ı read comennets that go is gay first ı dont belive it but NOW I CAN SEE THAT HE İS BLODEY GAYYYY
u/beast17 · 12 hours ago
go is GAY
u/beast17 · 12 hours ago
go is GAY
u/beast17 · 12 hours ago
go is GAY
u/beast17 · 12 hours ago
go is GAY