One Piece Episode 907
Romance Dawn sub

4.7 (1879 votes)
Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/Samurai-Zoro · 4 weeks ago
This ain’t a filler. Yes it doesn’t have anything to do with One Piece now, but without this story there wouldn’t be a One Piece to begin with. This story is written by Oda himself he had test subjects like these before starting the real thing. You see that girl with the blue hair? Yes she was Nami back in the day.
u/DarkLord · 4 weeks ago
4:00 Am
u/Asei_vakai · 4 weeks ago
4:26 and I have to wake up at 8
u/DarkLord · 4 weeks ago
go to leep bro :)
u/Sunny649 · 4 weeks ago
why all these hate.... just enjoy it Orz
I enjoyed this! ^o^)
u/Frikydiki · 4 weeks ago
that was disappointing....
u/Legeis · 4 weeks ago
I dislike filler episodes like this. I wish they would just skip a week and focus on making the next episode better
u/Samurai-Zoro · 4 weeks ago
Dude this ain’t a filler. This story is written by Oda before he started One Piece he used, these as test subjects before that blue girl was Nami back in the day.
u/Jacoboman27 · 4 weeks ago
I love this show a lot but its gotta chill tf out with this filler bruh theres way too much
u/harshraturi · 4 weeks ago
one piece turns 20 today
u/fattys99 · 4 weeks ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Risk · 4 weeks ago
guy all first time watch anime or read manga I will tell you this some the story never put manga and anime you know that ?
u/HalfAnim · 4 weeks ago
I hope this is the 1st & last time for this story line