One Piece Episode 898
The Headliner! Hawkins the Magician Appears! sub

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Aired 3 months ago
Updated December 8, 2019 · 20.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/MeowMix · 3 months ago
Fixed. Sorry for that.
u/shooticide · 3 months ago
No English subtitle?
u/Light_2007_yt · 3 months ago
yea were is the sub
u/Light_2007_yt · 3 months ago
ohhh you can turn them on in the cc thing
u/Light_2007_yt · 3 months ago
never mind
u/kanyin1100 · 3 months ago
it took 2 minutes for hawkings to summon his pokemon and zoro and luffy just watched and let him??? fairs
u/Prod444 · 3 months ago
doesnt work
u/falousa1998 · 3 months ago
I didnt realise subs were off until I read the comment xD
u/Light_2007_yt · 3 months ago
so you speak Japanese
u/falousa1998 · 3 months ago
not really but i can understand most of the casual conversation and of course the anime too :D
u/vetty15 · 3 months ago
so whats going on with the subtitles
u/jankevinne · 3 months ago
sub pls, no eng sub
u/abas2 · 3 months ago
the cc thing doesnt work
u/BlazzingDazzler · 3 months ago
Subtitles doesn't work