Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin Episode 3
Let There Be Light sub

4.7 (665 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
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u/Fullweab · 1 month ago
King and Diane are denser than Meliodas' sword.
u/theholybean · 1 month ago
u mean Guts sword don't you?
u/Sixty1000 · 1 month ago
Neurobasha tells everyone to kneel yet no one does shit XD
u/zanderjs · 1 month ago
This is the first episode that is not complete trash, they better make this season good, I was looking forward to it.
u/Hoodedbeastie · 1 month ago
1st episode was complete trash, 2nd got a little bit better, and this episode was actually worth something
u/Jadiac5 · 1 month ago
noo it ended to quickly ):
u/Hoodedbeastie · 1 month ago
alright first that dude looks nothing like Ban (maybe his eyes), and im starting to see that maybe the demon clan isnt 100% bad
u/Nitay · 1 month ago
a lump of iron hmmmmm is that a berserk reference ????? pffff
u/theholybean · 1 month ago
i hope so :D
u/Lucksabino · 1 month ago
not good
u/Meh_12 · 1 month ago
Soooooo the demon clan wasn't bad other than killing humans
I mean the goddess clan treat the humans bad to
u/fantom · 1 month ago
so the angels are the bad guys?
u/Saylop · 1 month ago
u/Willow · 1 month ago
beat his ass deriary