Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin Episode 2
Memories of the Holy War sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Not_A_Weeb447 · 1 month ago
Animation is so much worse than previous seasons. It makes me sad
u/sinnx3 · 1 month ago
Different studio took over the animation/production.
u/sinnx3 · 1 month ago
A-1 Pictures did the last few and now this one is being done by Studio Deen.
u/Coolcatz · 1 month ago
I swear the first episode made me want to cry
u/Kuso · 1 month ago
yeah it's so annoying, i hate change.
u/Cursed · 1 month ago
Why don't you guys say some good comments too like calm down this season just started
u/Animeking · 1 month ago
Yo I read the manga and it's gonna get better and better
u/MarlonDS · 1 month ago
Exactly. I also read the manga, it's gonna be very good.
u/feddux123 · 1 month ago
God the animation is bad
u/datboibril · 1 month ago
This is honestly one of my favorite arcs
u/Valdi · 1 month ago
I spoiled my "non-manga" friends about the second episode with two words... "Time travel"
u/Koh28 · 1 month ago
u/Sparks989 · 1 month ago
never thought I'd hear Diane say blimey
u/Sixty1000 · 1 month ago
This is even cringey in the manga... I guess i will have to wait until Meliodas gets his full power back.
u/Technicallykhaya · 1 month ago
The sub is wrong
u/Cosminator · 1 month ago
Yo prepare yourselves these episodes with King and Diane are going to be boring as fuck, i guess it's good for character development but i hope they make it quick in the anime lol.
u/baguette · 1 month ago
the animation is shit im kinda sad
I read the manga btw
it's gonna be long boring episodes ahead boi
u/lipe123 · 1 month ago
So sad to hear that even in the manga we're stuck with generic "power up retreat" episodes that makes no sense plotwise and are boring AF :(
They could have done those as 5min flashbacks in the first ep where everyone is already powered up or whatever stupid over 9000 unleashed nonsense move they gained.
u/TheAnimefan · 1 month ago
ok it is yust me or is that the fortnite anime mation when you dont do anything but stay still in the sky
u/Meh_12 · 1 month ago
How come it doesn't shows ban's sacred treasure in the opening.
u/Wizzardish-mage · 1 month ago
Animation seems fine to me
u/rahulshamkuwar · 1 month ago
Is there no dub right now?
u/KeepGoingBoy · 3 weeks ago
Yeah the animation is fine, aside from a couple of animes that come to mind.. people shouldn't expect the same studio to continue working on newer seasons of anime.. honestly if you watch anime a lot you should be used to this by now. lol