Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Episode 8
Glimpse of Adulthood dub

4.7 (165 votes)
Aired 2 months ago
Updated October 30, 2019 · 5k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/MeowMix · 2 months ago
u/Hazard · 2 months ago
Now I can has watch. Thank.
u/lughi · 2 months ago
is video broke?
u/jdawgg23 · 2 months ago
Video seems broken
u/madbull34 · 2 months ago
Sounds is a second out of synch with video.
u/varinius · 2 months ago
vid broken around 4m
u/natalus · 2 months ago
I couldn't wait anymore. I had to read the manga, and its good. Can't wait to see how it looks in anime form.
u/Deadnightmer · 2 months ago
Could you perhaps share with us where you read the Manga? I cant wait for the next episode but I don't know where I can read the manga for free
u/AniimeUchiha · 2 months ago
I hate that girl character. she is the one who came in the men side. what is wrong with her
u/NotF2Bully · 2 months ago
They wouldn't even accomplish anything with the "ekkkk! HENTAIIII" stuff xD Like she cares it was like they were asking to GET BEAT up :D
u/ImMonochrome · 2 months ago
seems the video is broken still.
u/SamuraiKing85 · 2 months ago
Broke from 4:45
u/NotF2Bully · 2 months ago
Paka's "I GOT YOU NOW" face was the climax of this ep
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