Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 13
Boss Fight: The Final Light sub

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Aired 7 months ago
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u/DestroyerImad · 7 months ago
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u/BlackPanda · 7 months ago
Good way to end the season, hopefully in the next season the girl he likes tell him that she know he has powers an maybe be his girlfriend, who knows
u/SGhoust · 7 months ago
ofc she knows :/
1st season showed how he showed off his power to her as a kid
u/Xen0s_9 · 7 months ago
mob sicko 420

u/Djtrizzle · 7 months ago
Bones is a perfect pick for animation on Mob Psycho. I was getting some serious fma flashbacks while watching that fight scene with the boss.
u/CF7ELL · 7 months ago
Haha! Just noticed that the buildings in this season's poster look like a giant broccoli too xD
u/LOL · 7 months ago
Perfect ending for perfect series. Really hope that they gonna make season 3
u/AAnimeUltima · 7 months ago
Attack of the vegtables
u/Wyld-WolfDragon · 7 months ago
Attack on Titans: Veggie Tales
u/Rosario · 7 months ago
u/noodles · 7 months ago
u/-Gab · 7 months ago
Sh*t im waiting in 12:30 but it released on 1:15? What a joke
u/Han98 · 7 months ago
^ Ungrateful.
u/kitsukimama · 7 months ago
hay whats about mob crust ...
u/Soulwarfare · 7 months ago
I really loved this season. I know the manga is finished but I hope this isn't how the series ended cause I feel like Mob and the Black hair girl relationship never gets fully explored even though the 1st episode hinted that she knows he has psychic powers
u/SGhoust · 7 months ago
what do you mean hinted..... ofc she knows :/
1st season showed how he showed off his power to her as a kid
u/DvHunta · 7 months ago
Perfect ending to a perfect up One Punch Man
u/Loriethalion · 7 months ago
u/Eccentric_Gamer · 7 months ago
Good Stuff.
u/Dariuswatchedthat · 7 months ago
This was great
u/OnePieceYEET · 6 months ago
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