Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 10
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4.8 (672 votes)
Aired 9 months ago
Updated December 2, 2019 · 55.7k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/TheDigitalZero · 9 months ago
The amount of flexing in this episode was unreal. Perfect comedic timings too.
u/Fog · 9 months ago
Dimple is becoming more and more of a real chad lmao
u/Wyld-WolfDragon · 9 months ago
Chad Check! xD
u/Lou · 9 months ago
where can I join this body improvement club
u/123pulgaso4 · 9 months ago
can't wait episode 11!!
u/Sunny649 · 9 months ago
Way to go Ekubo!! And Shigeo finally wakes up! x'D
u/DarkLord · 9 months ago
holy shit this Episode was Dope LOL
u/MagnumZK5 · 9 months ago
The power of the tanktop is what the Body Improvement club needs to power up. Then they wouldnt need Dimple's help.
u/BlackPanda · 9 months ago
Dimple is my bro for life, mob should appreciate him a lil more but very good ep
u/sandwlches · 9 months ago
episode 10? on Jah?
u/Sus · 9 months ago
i really like the body improvement guys there chill and funny
u/shroud · 9 months ago
this season better not have 12 episodes
u/dude808 · 9 months ago
srry but it does :(
u/idontlikeyou · 9 months ago
pretty sure it has 13
u/Nujabes · 9 months ago
13 is not enough QQ
u/DvHunta · 9 months ago
Lmao Muscle Usage 100% So in the mob psycho world nattys>steriod users.
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