Machikado Mazoku Episode 1
Yuko Awakens!! For Family Reasons You're Now a Demon Girl sub

4.5 (67 votes)
Aired 4 months ago
Updated October 30, 2019 · 8.7k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/RemnantMemory · 4 months ago
Seems pretty bland to me, it's not bad, it just feels like this show trying too hard to be funny. meh, pretty boring
u/ponylove · 4 months ago
Seems like a fun little show when you got some time to kill.
u/Ran · 4 months ago
Definitely not my taste but this is going to be one of those shows I can just watch whenever to chill anytime :)
u/Me3 · 4 months ago
I like it.
u/GayHime · 4 months ago
It's... interesting. Everyone is a weirdo in it lol.
u/Lester11 · 4 months ago
there are two type of anime in the world
1. good anime's
2.crappy anime's
and this this one is crappy
u/Izza · 2 months ago
why are people so serious like you’re some kind of sensory evaluator rating frickin mcdonald’s chicken nuggets
u/FerPutra · 4 months ago
Don da yo!.....
u/Mirai01 · 4 months ago
this anime is kinda weird haha
u/Lunyhime95 · 4 months ago
can't knock it till i try it
u/-Orion- · 3 months ago
its like the anime thats on the tvs in anime
u/Digital_Phoenix · 3 months ago
everybody that watched this is either "this is shit" or "it's weird lmao"
u/SWeeboii · 2 months ago
She just did the ora ora thing