Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 9
Temari Demon and Arrow Demon sub

4.9 (2804 votes)
Aired 6 months ago
Updated December 2, 2019 · 49.8k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/SomeGuy · 6 months ago
damn, this episode felt so short, i have a feeling that cutting his head off wont kill him like the others
u/Sunny649 · 6 months ago
Nice! He's already upgrading/revisiting his moves during actual battle! That's prove he still has a lot of new moves coming that aren't combined ones of the already existing ones later most likely!
u/Me3 · 6 months ago
Neziko is so cute. She's like a puppy.
u/Ender · 6 months ago
The combat style of this anime is so unique, I love it
u/frsaperture · 6 months ago
that sudden style change at 4:21 is beyond breathtaking
u/vodkasever11 · 6 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/BlackPanda · 6 months ago
Gets better an better to see it animated 👏bravo
u/Light_2007_yt · 6 months ago
felt like two minutes
u/ighulabani · 6 months ago
damn another cliffhanger damn damn damn
u/Ti0 · 6 months ago
Then read the manga...
u/aeoxshin · 6 months ago
This episode was too short.
u/GoldC_money15 · 6 months ago
I wonder about a future episode. This is not a spoiler it’s my opinion. We learn about tojiour father since the demon who hurt nesuko noticed the earrings were the same as his. So I think his father humiliated that demon and wants revenge on his son.
u/Crescentfangs · 6 months ago
As Everyone said that Muzan lived for a thousand years now I guess it's more likely Tanjirou's great-great-great- - - grandfather, when Muzan was just a progenitor demon.
u/Ti0 · 6 months ago
And this felt like one minute. It’s so good so it goes by really fast. I hope this is a two-course season and gets more seasons after this one since the manga is so long.
I love this series so much.
u/GayHime · 6 months ago
I feel oddly proud of him
u/Alpha316 · 6 months ago
More action should mean a longer episode as it feels over in a heart beat
u/obliviousbadger · 6 months ago
i just love the head getting cut off
u/KomoriNingen · 6 months ago
This episode was orgasmic
u/PenScar · 6 months ago
two in a row!!!!!
We have been blessed!!
u/eggdog11 · 1 day ago
Damn that chick's arms are buff