Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 2
Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki dub

4.9 (2645 votes)
Aired 7 months ago
Updated November 12, 2019 · 59.9k Views · by u/sinnx3


u/Komito · 7 months ago
Nezuko cute as hell
u/TerribleTroy · 7 months ago
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u/mbymsd · 3 months ago
What did he say?
u/NatsuSekai · 7 months ago
cmon bruh
u/Komito · 7 months ago
why u mad bro
u/engifmod · 2 days ago
what he say tho?
u/micK · 7 months ago
i agree with you :D
u/Sus · 7 months ago
nigga said 👺👺
u/iLikeIt · 7 months ago
That head kick made me laugh my ass off!
u/Bluesnowcone · 7 months ago
Totally loving this anime :)
u/AceG121 · 5 months ago
me too
u/Meh · 7 months ago
The old guy voice is the voice of epicness. I love that voice actor.
u/Chomusuke · 7 months ago
that's jiraiya's VA for you
u/Meh · 6 months ago
I forgot that. I think he was in many other animes too, I don't remember which now though.
u/abas2 · 7 months ago
i wonder how did he feed Nezuko. or she didnt eat anything
u/Ti0 · 7 months ago
Apparently demons don’t need to eat and they have a strong urge to eat humans because of their natural instinct. And meat, especially human meat helps them recover. This is quoted from a manga reader.
But since humans turn into demons, aren’t they(the demons) technically cannibals?
u/hankit12 · 7 months ago
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u/PenScar · 7 months ago
oh god pls no
u/Kofuku-hime · 7 months ago
Don't worry they don't!
u/SugoiDesuDes · 7 months ago
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u/Depup · 7 months ago
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u/rtagubajr95 · 7 months ago
I'm drooling over the animation like how Nezuko was drooling over the dead bodies
u/PenScar · 7 months ago
I friking love this anime and want more!!!
u/Kin · 7 months ago
Opening song is cool and Urokodaki (The Old Man With 👺👺👺)
u/epikm161 · 7 months ago
this tokyo ghoul season looks pretty good
u/SynLiyt · 3 weeks ago
Gonna be honest i don't like the Dub voices for this one 😅😅
u/Risk · 7 months ago
real the main character so cute and so dummy >.
u/paqe · 7 months ago
omg it's getting better and better ! just love it haaaaaa
u/Lester11 · 5 months ago
Holy mf that fucking bastard is headless and talking - I'm writing in the middle of episode unable to control my emotions .this is going to be a "legendary anime"
u/Lebard · 4 months ago
Holy! This anime seems so promising. I was so hyped i had to make an account to comment :D
u/emnayisay · 3 months ago
dude can the sister even breath with that thing on xD
u/AdSJB · 4 weeks ago
Yes, surprisingly, when turned, demons still keep the things known as "nostrils". Crazy right?

Original comment replied to, in case it gets hidden: dude can the sister even breath with that thing on xD
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