Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 26
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Aired 2 months ago
Updated December 2, 2019 · 58.7k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/frsaperture · 2 months ago
u/rtagubajr95 · 2 months ago
dude I jizzed when I saw that, I can't wait when they fully animate those scenes
u/Lizelotte · 2 months ago
i need to see the blueray :)
u/kingshiro07 · 2 months ago
sana mapanood ko 27 nito hahaa
u/Mariang · 3 weeks ago
uy may kababayan pala ako dito. hahaha!
u/frsaperture · 2 months ago
Muzan can suck me dry anytime.
u/DarlingFranxx · 2 months ago
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u/BlackBlaze · 2 months ago
You ok buddy?
u/DarlingFranxx · 2 months ago
No not really.
u/beluga642 · 2 months ago
what's wrong with being gay
u/zeq · 2 months ago
did he say that it was gay?
u/Someone007 · 2 months ago
Well it wouldn't be the first time someone isn't ok with it.
u/That_GUY_34 · 2 months ago
bigggg factsss
u/frsaperture · 2 months ago
If that's not screaming of Season 2, i don't know what is
u/Otakurashii · 2 months ago
Right now it's screaming MOVIE ANNOUNCEMENT YEAH !
u/Raymond_orunsolu · 2 months ago
The movie has been announced for next month the 28th
u/creed345 · 2 months ago
sad wait :(
u/rekhs88 · 2 months ago
Next Infinity Train Arc is going to be a Movie in 2020. Season 2 is yet to be made likely 2021!!!
u/Raymond_orunsolu · 2 months ago
Its coming out next month on the 28th
u/ighulabani · 2 months ago
I will wait for the anime wait will be worth it
u/Ran · 2 months ago
Perfect ending. Most importantly, we see Kanao x Tanjiro! YESSSSSSSSSS, off to read the manga.
u/xey · 2 months ago
Idk if they are really going to be a thing but I already ship them!
She finally talked to him! omg >.
u/SomeGuy · 2 months ago
I had to read the manga for this one, can´t wait for the next season!
u/aduka- · 2 months ago
muzan sama so hot ;-;
u/xey · 2 months ago
Can't deny that
u/omelette · 2 months ago
nutzone 100%%
u/Krimu · 2 months ago
As a manga reader, I know what will happen in the Demon Train Arc, so I'm 100% sure I'll cry + the animation ufotable will make for it is going to kill me even more.
AND OMG THIS EPISODE? Like, Muzan can kill me ;-;
I really hope they'll make second season, because I really love this anime and ufotable for making this really amazing animations.
u/KuronoKotone · 2 months ago
Yar man~~ I cried too!!
u/KuronoKotone · 2 months ago
Yar man~~ I cried too~!!
u/neonsaltiness · 2 months ago
Guys!! Minutes before this episode came out it was announced that there's going to be a movie as a continuation of this season!!! The movies' trailer was played at the end. Kimetsu no yaiba the infinity train arc here we go!!
u/nafos2 · 2 months ago
"uploaded 1 minute ago" nice
u/obliviousbadger · 2 months ago
its over sad
u/Me3 · 2 months ago
Sheesh, tanjiro could have a girl in every town with how smooth he is.
u/No_luck_Zero · 2 months ago
That was one lit episode. SEASON 2 HERE I COME!
u/Chomusuke · 2 months ago
u/tsunamis · 2 months ago
yall is it just me or does lower one sort of look like Uta
u/Zylpher8088 · 2 months ago
Not a harem anime, but still manages to make a harem anyway, my boi Tanjiro.
u/SWeeboii · 2 months ago
Best team
u/Ascentt-_- · 2 months ago
Don't leave me hanging like that! Animation always really good. Season 2 can't come quick enough!
u/aank · 2 months ago
I was refreshing this page non stop. Thanks for uploads as always!
u/VELEDEU · 2 months ago
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