Karakuri Circus Episode 19
The Truth Behind the Shadow sub

4.6 (100 votes)
Aired 9 months ago
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u/Danny · 9 months ago
I absolutely adored this at first. It's sort of becoming stale now.
u/ryuhayabusa13 · 9 months ago
Problem is that they skipped way too much of the story from the manga and story became really confusing. After around epsiode 8, when The takamura voice actor supporting character with zonaha syndrome loses his arm, I really got lost on what happened with the reincarnations, and whole backstory. And with this new episode I am officially more lost.
u/Danny · 9 months ago
Yep. It's more convoluted than Saw. I actually love Saw though.
u/BlackPanda · 9 months ago
So many twist an plots in this story i kinda forgot what the main reason is their doing everything for an Francine is still on the lose an supposedly the real one is still alive idk how but ok an now marusus dad is still alive as well i guess, crazy lol
u/Draigg · 8 months ago
It could be that Masaru's dad is the one spreading the cancer now. Francine (doll) got disolved into aqua vitae and Eleonore drank it or sucked it up, so she has her memories and the ones of the original Francine. Other than that you have two brothers who fell in love with the same girl, one was a bit too crazy and the other one didn't care about marrying the girl he knew his brother liked.
u/Draigg · 8 months ago
The brother got more crazy and tried to destroy it all and eventually lost faith in his creations and went to China (if I got it right it was the crazy brother who went to China.) Masaru's dad seems to be just an ass, kind of like the crazy brother, but without any good reason to be such an ass. Grandpa, Masaru, Narumi, Eleonore and the rest just got caught up in his crazyness.
The confusing part for me is the China part where the (crazy) brother met Masaru's grandpa.