Enen no Shouboutai Episode 16
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u/Sirzeex · 3 days ago
Shitest place to end
u/18luky4 · 3 days ago
I mean these animes will use whatever emotional attachment you have for the show to get you to watch the next episode. The suspense that the viewers get from harbouring strong emotions for a long period of time is drastically more powerful than the few minutes of tension you experience from watching the show. Sometimes upsetting and frustrating points of the story are more effective than the hype of an action scene, or the joy of a happy scene. So if you're frustrated, then it worked.
u/Johnshroom · 1 day ago
We call that a cliffhanger here tyvm!
And I don't understand the hate given to this ending, it's not even bad.
u/snackanater242 · 3 days ago
loved it but the ending was mean i felt sad
u/Kalztr · 3 days ago
Wow, imagine having this episode set up to be awesome and then they come out with this shit
u/Sunny649 · 3 days ago
to be honest I think Shinra isn't Knocked out yet... He just planned even more ahead and got to know that Giovanni is part of the Evangelist? Or else there's still help coming or something That makes Giovanni retreat?
u/AinzOoalgown · 3 days ago
i kinda agree, but another theory is he will be captured by the evangalists and taken to their place where he'll meet his brother, escape from there with the help from his firefighting friends (if this is smth that actually happens don't downvote me lol)
u/Sunny649 · 3 days ago
that's possible too.. xD Since the Opening did show them fighting each other :thinking: But what I'm sure about is, is that Giovanni cannot cover up his ties with the Evangelists now that there are people knowing about that very fact.
u/LoverOfAnime · 3 days ago
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u/snackanater242 · 3 days ago
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u/snackanater242 · 3 days ago
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u/ayanamirei · 3 days ago
I really liked it, cant wait for the next episode
u/hansoon · 3 days ago
u/TogaIsMyBae · 3 days ago
I, Dr.Giovanni, have the man with the Adolla burst
u/HopBun · 2 days ago
Is that jojo reference but replace with looked and leapt
u/RedMenace · 2 days ago
just how many people work for the evangelist? who's next? are we gonna find out shinra has been working for the evangelist the entire time?
u/Darke427 · 1 day ago
was that a goddamn Fate reference?

u/Verethragna · 3 days ago
valkan = shenku 2.0
u/Jebin · 2 days ago
u/Bank2Dank4u · 2 days ago
man he's mining hard at the end
u/Djtrizzle · 2 days ago
Arthur the Clown King
u/aeoxshin · 2 days ago
Arthur with the head of a donkey as a dick, also I think that red haired chick will die.
u/xgh0317 · 2 days ago
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