Dr. Stone Episode 19
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Aired 1 week ago
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u/DaiMaou · 1 week ago
Senku - The strongest weapon in 2M years of human history.
Gen - You don't mean nukes right?
Senku - No. The Nokia 3310.
u/daddypatties · 1 week ago
more like the NUKIA XD
u/Ender · 1 week ago
LOL pretty much indestructible
u/Lester11 · 1 week ago
when senku said smartphones, I thought he's joking and going to make tin can phone with a string
and asagiri gin double agent of the year beats CIA , I hope he hides I some hole co'z if tsukasa shithead sees him he will seriously murder him which I don't want
u/daddypatties · 1 week ago
asagiri has been spying on them for like a whole year now, remember? Tsukasa still isn't aware of him, so I seriously doubt he'll be caught.
u/Lester11 · 1 week ago
bro when that spear guy busted the village and asagiri betrayed by tampering his spear he found that asagiri is the traitor and he told everything to tsukasa so he's no longer fooling tsukasa and he needs to go in hiding or his life will b in danger
u/daddypatties · 1 week ago
caveman. think. big. ooh. uuga/ AHAHA
u/Archaeopteryx · 1 week ago
Finally! Waited toooo long for it.
u/NyaakuSan · 1 week ago
only 1-week orso -3-
u/Archaeopteryx · 1 week ago
It was a long wait and it continuous again
u/Hoodedbeastie · 1 week ago
Tsukasa: "I have an army!"
Senku: "What? Can't hear you over my phone!"
u/sTix · 1 week ago
The Kingdom of Science could have wiped out the Tsukasa empire a long ass time ago if they had resorted to biological warfrare and they wouldn't be having any problems right now lol. They don't have medicine, so you could decimate them so easily.
u/themanj · 1 week ago
legit u right
u/Namjae · 1 week ago
after seeing taiju so much in the manga, i can finally see him again in the anime
u/Risk · 1 week ago
make Walkie-talkie ^^
u/daddypatties · 1 week ago
that reminds me of a song.
u/Lee_ZoMBiE · 1 week ago
u/Lee_ZoMBiE · 1 week ago
❤ my phone,
u/azeem_ · 1 week ago
WOW! Tsukasa is gonna be really pissed now
u/X4c3 · 1 week ago
So Nokia 3310 will be born next episode.
u/Sunny649 · 1 week ago
u/daddypatties · 1 week ago
normies: whats anime?
me :O
u/badsha · 1 week ago
science is awesome
u/SomeGuy · 1 week ago
just make big guns already
u/Djtrizzle · 1 week ago
Tsukasa wants to kill Senku, but Senku wants to defeat Tsukasa without bloodshed.
u/Ender · 1 week ago
Gotta love this show
u/Lucksabino · 1 week ago
getting better every episode
u/Audezeee · 5 days ago
Doesn't he need cell towers and shit for that to work? how's he gonna make one close enough to their base?