Dr. Stone Episode 17
A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies dub

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Aired 2 weeks ago
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u/Lucksabino · 2 weeks ago
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u/Lester11 · 2 weeks ago
dude if it weren't for senku my sweet princess ruri would be in grave danger, i love senku
u/Alpha316 · 2 weeks ago
Its like saying the guy who invented numbers is the real deal and not Einstein. Remember Senku did what his ancestors could not and that is create antibiotics.
u/Lester11 · 2 weeks ago
Lilian sounds like lady gaga, & it's just fucking sad that everyone died and they couldn't do anything coz of fucking pneumonia, hell yeah next episode is battle arc
u/ManiacMaxo · 2 weeks ago
It's a terrible day for rain...
u/Sunny649 · 2 weeks ago
I'm even surprised how the message wasn't lost or altered in all those 3700 years of passing it down from generation to generation...
u/BlazeKnight · 2 weeks ago
I'm assuming they made sure the stories were deemed super important to all of the younger generations so it passed down better. There were many human civilizations that passed down stories and customs through oral storytelling only.
u/MBDrapier · 2 weeks ago
Exactly, you can follow research on the Kalevala at the University of Helsinki and see how intact poetry can be when the message is important and the poetry is short-form.
u/policebiatch · 2 weeks ago
sorry but I gotta ask.. how come everyone didn't become retarded with all that cousin-fkng?
u/AdSJB · 2 weeks ago
Well, do you think humans started out with 100 people to select from? No. We had to breed with close relations at some point and eventually it will have become such a distant blood connection that it would no longer be considered one. Eventually the similar Dna and blood type would have been gravely different.
u/FUzzyNoodles · 2 weeks ago
just a joke, chill out
u/MemeingMemer · 2 weeks ago
yes we did though we had alot more than than two couples in the show there is no way humanity could come back like this.
u/xWíckedx · 2 weeks ago
I don't think any were blood related but idk
u/MrJam · 2 weeks ago
The original people aren't. But if you think, a couple of generations down the line and it would be impossible to avoid a relative.
u/themanj · 2 weeks ago
id assume their lifespans werent very long and they fucked like rabbits so the population would stay about the(because they kept dying) while the gene pool increased (due to random mutations)over time meaning they would have been genetically diverse enough to survive also there should have been enough mutation to them to where they would be very well adapted to living there
u/MrJam · 2 weeks ago
I was curious and decided to look into this. It is thought that a minimum of 50 is needed in a population to combat inbreeding, and 500 to reduce genetic drift. A starting population of 4 (not including the people that didn't add to the gene-pool) is just not realistic. Sometimes you just have to accept that it won't be 100% realistic, if it was then half the things Senku has done wouldn't have been possible. It's still a great show.
u/Jadiac5 · 2 weeks ago
Noo its over again i dont wanna wait another week ):
u/5778Trinity · 2 weeks ago
u/ayanamirei · 2 weeks ago
Really good episode it too touched me .
u/Djtrizzle · 2 weeks ago
These aren't tears, it's dihydrogen monoxide.
u/ProtoGenSN · 2 weeks ago
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u/Arky · 2 weeks ago
bruh when the mentalist made that face you knew something bad's about to happen
u/Atimus · 2 weeks ago
Not gonna lie, i called that s**t at episode 6. Senkus dad founded the village. I litteraly turned to my cousin and said. "You know what?"
"What?" He quizickly taunted...
"Senkus dad definitely founded that village."
"How do you know that?" He asked
"Call it a hunch." i said
u/D4B · 3 days ago
I can watch it cause of error 224003.
u/azeem_ · 2 weeks ago
Very Amazing and Heart Touching episode :')
u/suparob · 2 weeks ago
are the gifts of science the pods they landed on?
u/Fog · 2 weeks ago
No, it's the civilization left behind (the village, people, etc)
u/AAnimeUltima · 2 weeks ago
u/lipe123 · 2 weeks ago
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u/Hoodedbeastie · 2 weeks ago
They did only have the one boat, also those two that went to the mainland probably died in a storm or from starvation.
u/Arky · 2 weeks ago
i agree with that they could settle in a small town but the history of the village WAS necessary
u/Hieirulez · 2 weeks ago
The next three arcs depend solely on the last two eps though.
u/lipe123 · 2 weeks ago
So they landed on an island near South America, made the village there and then magically it became part of japan even though it was too far to reach by boat before?
How else did senku walk to the village?
u/Hieirulez · 2 weeks ago
I’d tell you the reason but it involves spoilers and there are other people who don’t want those.
u/YeetusFeetus1269 · 2 weeks ago
didnt knew senku is a kyle drinking monster energy
u/daddypatties · 2 weeks ago
monster energies are so weak, try two shots of nos (its an energy drink)
u/tankslayer21 · 2 weeks ago
but wait for it guys ther more to it.....
u/D4B · 3 days ago
I can’t watch it cause of error 224003! Animeultima... PLEASE FIX!!! 😭😭😭
u/sinnx3 · 3 days ago
It's a problem with the incomplete mobile version of the site use chrome and request the desktop version of the site or set safari in IOS settings to always request desktop version. (this issue only happens on m.animeultima.eu domain)
u/D4B · 1 day ago
Thank you very much. I hope I didn’t sound like I was complaining. I love this site. Thanks and have a good day.
u/D4B · 19 hours ago
Thank you for the advice. It works now. Thank you so much.
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