Dr. Stone Episode 16
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4.8 (1681 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
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u/Zylpher8088 · 1 month ago
Warning, pressing play will have a 10 billion percent chance of inducing tears.
u/flyscan · 4 weeks ago
I don't understand, my face is precipitating. We must study it for science, who else has experienced this strange phenomenon? Am I an outlier?
u/xXSurgeXx · 4 weeks ago
Too early to be shedding tears.
u/No_luck_Zero · 1 month ago
Nah m8, I Din't inducedsome tears. Well I guess maybe because I read the manga.
u/rtagubajr95 · 4 weeks ago
Dude I read the manga a while ago already and this still made me tear up ,___,
u/Legeis · 1 month ago
Yeah no tears for me either....the episode was good, the episode was interesting, but the episode was not sad. Why would this episode of resulted in tears?
u/Zylpher8088 · 4 weeks ago
It isn't sad in and of itself. More like happiness since I read the manga. It's the introduction and relationship of Byakuya and Senku.
u/The-skycracker · 1 month ago
dude i have to wait for the next episode , so saaaaaaaad
u/NXTPratX · 1 month ago
dude that the worst kindda part
u/NXTPratX · 1 month ago
dude that the worst kindda part
u/SugoiDesuDes · 4 weeks ago
bro please tell me senku's dad clapped the singer's cheeks
u/xXSurgeXx · 4 weeks ago
I also realized that the other Blonde is probably Kinro's ancestor
u/Yvern · 4 weeks ago
i bet he did, otherwise ruri and kohaku wouldnt be there
u/bigfrosty18 · 4 weeks ago
oh he most definitely did
u/xXSurgeXx · 4 weeks ago
I also realized that the other Blonde is probably Kinro's ancestor
u/Meben · 4 weeks ago
Disappointing lack of space boob physics. No gravity to hold them down so realistically speaking they should be jiggling more. 8/10 ep tho
u/eeyors · 4 weeks ago
Was the space boob physics what took the 2 points away? XD
u/hoyhoyhoy · 4 weeks ago
Might get death threat because of Titty physics.
u/Lucksabino · 1 month ago
Best episode until now!!!!!!
u/frsaperture · 1 month ago
He's not just father of the year, not even a decades, father of a LIFETIME!, all he think was only senku
u/xXSurgeXx · 4 weeks ago
Multiple Lifetimes!
u/FidgetyJester · 4 weeks ago
Never seen a english voice this good in a japan dub before. Every english I ever heard in japan wasn't that good. Almost like Japan trying to talk a language they don't normally speak which is the case but still. I'm still surprised. AWESOME, lol XD
u/Komyn · 4 weeks ago
Go watch Carole and Tuesday, then, haha. They usually hire English speaking singers for parts like this, but they likely don't have any English voice actors.
u/xXSurgeXx · 4 weeks ago
We now know where Senku got his trolling side from
u/NyaakuSan · 1 month ago
u/SorryFace · 1 month ago
u/Ianis_chan · 1 month ago
this is so good
u/Kai23 · 4 weeks ago
We in the end game now guys
u/Lee_ZoMBiE · 4 weeks ago
This eps So Sad 😭😱
u/pandapaw03 · 4 weeks ago
Wait a minute, so that means that they had to repopulate humans again by.......
u/Ellishmoot · 4 weeks ago
No shit, my dude
u/Arif1221 · 1 month ago
Nice one
u/Aaron8stone · 1 month ago
Can't wait for the next episode..... 😊 😭
u/matejko89 · 4 weeks ago
u/l2bunny · 4 weeks ago
the wait for a week is EXHILARATING but so sad
u/kubongaming · 4 weeks ago
u/AnonsWrld · 4 weeks ago
The new op doesn’t hit as hard as the old one
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