Dororo (2019) Episode 20
The Story of the Nue sub

4.8 (1102 votes)
Aired 6 months ago
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u/Abbx · 6 months ago
I can't be the only one that thought for a minute that they were going to need to cut off Dororo's arm.
u/Margott · 6 months ago
I'm crying because Dororo means so much for him and the fact that he wasn't able to save Dororo because he misses his arms made him fucking nuts.
u/Inscape5 · 6 months ago
The old man reminded him, yes his quest has people dying and suffering, yes he is losing his humanity, but they didn't have a right to take from him, and it's his to take back, so to hell with them.

Good for him. This isn't revenge, this is repossession.
u/gmoney092302 · 6 months ago
Easily one of the best episodes in a while.
u/MissionFailed · 6 months ago
Dude he went fucking sicko mode on that demon
u/Maxi · 6 months ago
finally new ep
u/2hands · 6 months ago
Dem leaves
u/cHrIsToPhEr · 6 months ago
OMG best episode so far
u/MeliodasSama · 4 months ago
Im not the only one who came to this anime for one reason being samurai are the coolest right?