Dororo (2019) Episode 1
The Story of Daigo sub

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Aired 11 months ago
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u/Einlanzer · 10 months ago
Dororo remake + amazarashi!? So much yes!
u/follisa · 10 months ago
Really don't know what else to say. It's probably amazarashi's fault.
u/LazyBear92 · 10 months ago
Always played the game of Dororo one from old playstation2 and love that game! Manga and anime are the best O.O
u/kusomiso · 9 months ago
u/Margott · 11 months ago
Gross yet so badass
u/lakm06 · 10 months ago
That was really cool.
u/Silverknight13 · 10 months ago
Looks to be really good and pretty close to the original 👍
u/Isekai-Truck-Kun · 10 months ago
I smash hoes
u/ptl · 10 months ago
Is this the remake? The one that came out whileeeeeeeeeeee back..........[Aired: Apr 6, 1969 to Sep 28, 1969] had 26 episode
u/codedonut · 10 months ago
this is the new remake that came out in 2019. we do have the original series on here as well though! :D
u/ptl · 10 months ago
I thought so too lol. I'm like this look familiar but I like the 2019 remake better because of the quality and stuff
u/nathund · 10 months ago
Oh, I just realized this is probably getting remade because of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Hell, at first glance they seem so similar this could have been the inspiration for Sekiro
u/Ethan796 · 10 months ago
u/voragami · 10 months ago
this looks awesome :O
u/tsuki_hime · 10 months ago
Why is this so beautiful
u/Ceebee · 10 months ago
Hype AF.... Followed...
u/Arsalian · 10 months ago
Amazing is all i can say.
u/Arsalian · 10 months ago
u/ernestinasonia · 10 months ago
omggg!! this is my childhood I even watched a movie about it growing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u/D3U6L9 · 9 months ago
is that madara's voice??
u/Ensis · 8 months ago
Omg I even not noticed the time passing while watching ehueuhe this is a signal of good history
u/wickedclown75 · 2 months ago
I love this remake! Hoping to hear the dub in english and Spanish 😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️