Dororo (2019) Episode 17
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Aired 7 months ago
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u/ANIMEfreak · 7 months ago
you are mama
u/ponylove · 7 months ago
Why they killed master splinter? Now the turtles gonna be sad.
u/LordFarquaad · 7 months ago
lmao imagine walking using your legs.
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u/MrChickster · 7 months ago
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u/Exerxes · 7 months ago
Why would his soul be stained by killing samurais who killed the orphan children and the woman plus defending Dororo?
u/Loriethalion · 6 months ago
I agree, evil is evil, no matter the shape or form.
u/-ガブリエル · 7 months ago
Even though it's very tragic I still love this anime
u/Alpha316 · 7 months ago
They are all naive to think that the world they lived in was peaceful. In most cases you either get killed by war, famine, pestilence or Demons. That land that his family is trying to protect by feeding him to the demons was going to be lost anyway. Hyakimaru is around 15-18 years old and in that time his father did nothing with the prosperity to expand his lands to neighboring territories.
u/BlackPanda · 7 months ago
At least he had someone to call mama even though hes a papa but we get it, now off to get dororo
u/BeWaReJay · 7 months ago
Rip Master Splinter
u/H2S · 5 months ago
So glad i'm not the only one who thought this
u/Not_A_Weeb447 · 7 months ago
Suprisingly wholesome for a show about demon slaying
u/Hamodee · 5 months ago
How does he knows where to go?
u/hamza_r121 · 5 months ago
Because the plot guided him
u/KenRoo · 2 months ago
I see you've never played Skyrim.