Dororo (2019) Episode 12
The Story of Banmon, Part 2 sub

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Aired 7 months ago
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u/-Gab · 7 months ago
What a sad fate
u/jalenbrown591 · 7 months ago
ok would the story be cool if his father was the last demon
u/Piyush · 4 weeks ago
Maybe he will kill him and then both brothers will rule the land and everyone will live a happy life because their father was a shity ruler, he had to make a deal with demons to rule.
u/Rev · 7 months ago
Hyakkimaru's VA is finally getting paid
u/Draigg · 7 months ago
So did the Buddha statue seal one of the demons and that's why Hyakimaru's body wasn't completely eaten by them? And now that the statue seems to have lost its power what will Hyakimaru lose when the demon comes to take its part? Or can Hyakimaru kill it first before it takes a part of his body?
u/SamuraiKing85 · 7 months ago
I think the statue was protecting Hyakimaru and maybe all of the kingdom from the full wrath of the demons and that now it's gone... It's not gonna end well
u/Fog · 7 months ago
Considering what his mother did, maybe the demon is just free and won't outright take anything? I'm not sure tho
u/hamza_69 · 7 months ago
not going to lie that opening is lit
u/Fog · 7 months ago
Ayy lmao
u/2hands · 7 months ago
Anyone but me think Dororo might be a girl?
u/Rev · 7 months ago
You would know the answer to this question from the previous episodes
u/Dddsasul · 7 months ago
she is....
u/kassenpai · 7 months ago
I think the Buddha Statue lost it's head for Hyakkimaru's head to not be taken by the demons, and Hyakkimaru's father is actually a demon, I don't know if im correct but I guessed it.
u/ANIMEfreak · 7 months ago
its not gonna end well for anyone
u/Risk · 7 months ago
why why Hyakkimaru mom die it so sad T_T
u/SamuraiKing85 · 7 months ago
Wait the series ended?