Diamond no Ace: Act II Episode 29
After Spring Comes sub

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Aired 4 weeks ago
Updated November 13, 2019 · 3k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/chikikuto · 4 weeks ago
Yay a recap episode... Fucking why?
u/Entity17 · 4 weeks ago
Incase anyone was wondering, it was Health and Sports Day on Monday.
Apparently it's a national holiday and kind of a big deal. That might explain why this was a recap episode :|
u/chikikuto · 4 weeks ago
Yay a recap episode. Why Madhouse?
u/Harucchi · 4 weeks ago
Fml... 1 week for nothing..
u/Bex · 4 weeks ago
is anyone else mad at this stupid ass recap episode for episodes we just watched...... wtf
u/Alpha316 · 4 weeks ago
Oh no, I couldn't remember what happened all this time so I need a recap...