Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu! Episode 8
It Seems Aoi's Specs Are Greater Than Imagined! sub

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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/Keenplify · 3 weeks ago
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u/KingPedro · 3 weeks ago
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u/Jaybeezos · 3 weeks ago
Why are people down voting things? I wanna know what the heck they're saying
u/spelwurdsrite · 1 day ago
probly spoilers
u/Djtrizzle · 3 weeks ago
Pulling up with AKs and Glocks in the dark ages.
u/Mothshot · 3 weeks ago
why are they wearing white winter uniforms? I know it's currently supposed to be winter, but no-one is wearing warmer clothes and there isn't any snow. they should probably be wearing forest camo...
u/AinzOoalgown · 3 weeks ago
winter IS coming it hasn't arrived yet, they're just preparing for it
u/pizzapancake · 3 weeks ago
moreover, forest camo genuinely looks so much cooler
u/DenDaveInnit · 3 weeks ago
You 3 folks remember episode 5 the ending ? Shinobu infiltrated a town where the Imperial army is gathering waiting out the winter. The town was already covered in a thick layer of snow. My guess is they will assault the wintering unprepared army, so the winter gear makes perfect sense.
u/Hazard · 3 weeks ago
He says strike first like they weren't just smote to hell.
u/AdSJB · 3 weeks ago
Last Episode: We're gonna change the directory of that fire spear by hitting it with missiles. Three should do it.
*Two missiles hit and therefore it should have changed trajectory to the very edge's of town.*
Fire spear: "I'm gonna do something called a pro gamer move." *Hits directly in the centre of town regardless.*
u/Lester11 · 3 weeks ago
They looks like isekai jsdf, & i bet they're gonna launch a surgical strike on Gustave
u/b9k · 3 weeks ago
They are so OP... they could probably nuke Gustavo. I'd probably prefer another season of GATE than this.
u/ppyporpeem · 3 weeks ago
Im just waiting until they finally get to the brain lobotomy part
u/AriaTemple · 3 weeks ago
Firearms as a response after that strike? No, Tsukasa should've had gotten Ringo to go nuclear... literally.

That's just what Gustav deserves.
u/Criied · 1 week ago
I know they are already a bit unrealistic due to being geniuses and what not, but i wasn't expecting THIS. Running with a missile, guiding it, smashing your feet and hands into bricks without any broken bones AND THEN DOING SOME WIND SWORD SLASH SHIT. Yeah...aight. Thought they were from earth