Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 95
Tactics for Getting Along with Your Daughter sub

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Aired 9 months ago
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u/bihandu_wrld · 9 months ago
sasuka: make a tiny smile
me: start to go super sane
u/ZeroComet · 9 months ago
I thought I was the only one LMAO
u/FoxCarnage · 9 months ago
This so unlike Sasuke its nauseating.
u/Abbx · 6 months ago
I disagree. He looked up to Kakashi once, so trying his suggestions makes sense since Sasuke is socially awkward and doesn't speak to anybody to know how strange that was. Plus, he realized as a father, Sarada probably wants the same love and attention he once craved for as a child. He's just trying to be a dad correctly.
u/Sunny649 · 9 months ago
There he went on Tomatoes ! x'D
u/Mofus · 9 months ago
Poor father
u/Key_Xiong · 9 months ago
Man why couldn't Naruto gave Boruto a kunai like Minato's?
u/kirai-da · 9 months ago

just no.
u/xykawaii · 9 months ago
I really hope naruto teach boruto summoning of frog rather than having boruto summon snake
u/PusseyDonn · 9 months ago
he cant summon garaga anymore...He undo the contact with him
u/sodomon2019 · 9 months ago
how to download
u/pikipeter · 9 months ago
Filler episodes are boring AF
u/Mein · 9 months ago
i thought this one was okay
u/Ender · 9 months ago
Who is Metal Lee's Mother? I thought it was TenTen but they don't seem to be together, maybe they got divorced
u/Azurel666 · 9 months ago
Sasuke meeting Kakashi was the best. His face was PRICELESS, it looked like he got MAJOR flashbacks lmao.
u/silveric · 8 months ago
The discomfor betwen Sasuke and Shino xD