Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 134
The Power to See the Future sub

4.2 (1087 votes)
Aired 5 days ago
Updated December 4, 2019 · 10.4k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/kanyin1100 · 5 days ago
cant believe they're doing sasuke like this
u/kanameow · 5 days ago
i agree theyre making him look weak as hell. when in reality he is a shinobi god...
u/midoriya · 5 days ago
I have never felt more ashamed for an anime. What a waste. It looks like a fan-art. What is Sasuke doing? Sumo wrestling? I only came back to see young Naruto, but it is painful to see this.
u/Demene · 4 days ago
I think they're just trying to stretch this arc out, I agree with you tho.
u/Nisan_23 · 2 days ago
There's really nothing that's not painful in this show overall
u/uhsrin · 5 days ago
wow what happened? their enemy is weak and they're having so much trouble, sasuke is down with one weak kick lol... also the animation is really bad. They need to more justice in this arc.
u/Rob1n · 5 days ago
This is so retarded, why dont they finish him off for fuck sakes, they had all the time to just stab and decapitate him but no, lets fist bump
u/Voidz4 · 5 days ago
Bruh fr XD
u/linkbiscuit · 5 days ago
Why does it look like Jiraiya doesn't know anything about that Rennigan? weird...
u/xNuke · 4 days ago
10:09 Bruh that animation is so weak. Its like they can't be bothered.
u/hankit12 · 4 days ago
ikr i giggled for a seconed
u/Chillity · 5 days ago
so we all gonna ignore the fact the for some reason the anime is getting better and better?
u/H2S · 4 days ago
better and better where??
u/Ferorius · 5 days ago
Oh how I missed the song at 11:10. Such good times.
u/Oshiradake_K · 5 days ago
The preview of the next episode’s animation is amazing!
Though I was kinda disappointed on what this studio is doing for Sasuke, that just shows that urashiki is very very strong?
But at the end of the day, I’ll still watch boruto , I still have hope hahaha
u/UltimateAngel · 5 days ago
Sasuke is getting a little suic*dal
u/kanameow · 5 days ago
not when you put in perspective his love & devotion towards naruto/protect naruto at all costs attitude
u/UltimateAngel · 4 days ago
I did. Just commented on the act itself.
u/HarrisHyper · 5 days ago
next ep looks fire asf
u/Cheerio · 1 day ago
I can't believe how mad this episode made me feel. What the F is this bullsh...? QUIT MAKING OUR GODLIKE CHILDHOOD HEROES look like they just finished chunin exams. What is wrong with these anime creators. Sasuke's literally out of chakra for a week. WHAT DO YOU MEAAAN?????