Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 7
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Aired 1 week ago
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u/MeowMix · 1 week ago
Fixed. This is an automated upload - we do not watch anything before releasing it so there might be instances like these. Reporting the video itself will help rather than commenting that it does not work.
u/Seekynator3000 · 1 week ago
ppl dotn report first? thats surprising, after playing league I would think everybody reports everything on a whim
u/Ayush · 6 days ago
Lol what rank are you
u/Bndr__q · 1 week ago
u/AdSJB · 1 week ago
Them, offering their food and showing concern for Deku is the most and best wholesome thing by far this series. Ahhh, wish guy friendships were actually like that irl.
u/Sifr1012 · 1 week ago
Guy friendships are exactly like that.
u/AdSJB · 1 week ago
Please direct me to the nearest one. I wish to have one of these. Thank you.
u/NerdHerdHero · 1 week ago
I understand how you feel bud. Altruism and kindness feel rarer than ever. Just doesn't seem the world has much room for those kind of people anymore. That's a lie. Don't believe it. Open yourself to others, let them see you and they'll let you see them. You'll find there is as much good in people as there is greed. Hopefully sometimes more.
u/JamesyJames · 1 week ago
Red Riot Unbreakable happened 2 episodes ago
u/Ile · 1 week ago
subtitles don't work
u/EQI711 · 1 week ago
me too
u/Djtrizzle · 1 week ago
Imagine if he wasted his foresight on a magical girl fanatic.
u/Elxment · 1 week ago
Rip no subtitles
u/Meh · 1 week ago
I don't get the plan; it's extremely idiotic to just barge in like retards. So maybe there's a hidden plan somewhere, cuz this is very stupid.
u/Emperor_Kweh · 1 week ago
good bout time for there to be some action. play the boss music
u/onyx445 · 1 week ago
where is the sub ? report
u/Elxment · 1 week ago
Guys just change the engine of the episode to AUengine, that should fix it!
u/kubongaming · 1 week ago
Lida just gave Midoriya the "Boi"
u/fireopann · 1 week ago
aww man I thought we were gonna get unbreakable in this ep.. nope.
u/lazy_frog · 1 week ago
finally, i swear i almost die waiting every time... no seriously I've been kidnapped but hey at least he said i can watch anime with him!
u/DrBlue · 1 week ago
Guys,where me subtitles go
u/DrBlue · 1 week ago
Guys,where me subtitles go
u/ronoroapacheboss · 1 week ago
tbh deku need get rid of that mentality he never seen the bigger picture and end up blaming himself
u/rahulshamkuwar · 1 week ago
prus urtra
u/BeWaReJay · 1 week ago
The reason they didn’t sneak in was because it was illegal and 2. It would be far more dangerous than just bathing in with numbers.
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 1 week ago
Next ep is about to go down for real
u/lipe123 · 1 week ago
Naa they'll probably stall on a 15 minute recap on how the warrant was filled in and then end the ep just as the action should be starting again :(
The pacing in these eps are SLOW AFFFFFFFFFFF skip past the boring junk and get to the action, thats what made this show great in the beginning.
u/Fullweab · 6 days ago
It will all be worth it if they animate the upcoming fights well. ESPECIALLY Deku's fight...
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