Black Clover Episode 84
The Victors sub

4.7 (2400 votes)
Aired 5 months ago
Updated November 17, 2019 · 28.1k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Invictusz · 5 months ago
Yo this ep was fuckin insane oh my god ....we need more ep like this
u/Geducci · 5 months ago
What squad is Zora in? i hope its black bulls
u/Anonimaniac · 5 months ago
He just "might be"
u/glee0511 · 5 months ago
u/glee0511 · 5 months ago
I’ll look for your comment next week. 😆 or is it next week? Maybe next, next week.
u/alek_98 · 5 months ago
they gotta give asta something cause right now he seems strong only for plot purposes
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
A full transformation would be cool.
u/Howardton · 5 months ago
Yuno's battle with Azure Deer is better than Asta's one shot
u/zawadi · 5 months ago
The animation and pacing were amazing this episode! Hopefully it keeps up!
u/Kanami · 5 months ago
This episode's animation IS epic.
u/zawadi · 5 months ago
The animation and pacing were amazing this episode! Hopefully it keeps up!
u/Alpha316 · 5 months ago
Why does the art work change during intense battle scenes and become less detailed. Its like the opposite of One punch man where he gets more detailed during battles.
u/Fullweab · 5 months ago
They can't afford to spend the $ and time necessary to keep the quality awesome for fast-paced things like these and even if they did it all that work and effort would be in like 30 seconds of the show
u/Roed · 5 months ago
the fact that this was animated better then asta's first demon transformation makes me sad
u/koalazub · 5 months ago
Well it makes sense considering they've got a bit more experience animating those scenes since then
u/Ndasaha · 5 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/AverageOtaku · 5 months ago
Asta needs to be more op with his demon form
u/ANIME_FANATIC · 5 months ago
u/chickenman · 5 months ago
Chakra control Black clover version?
u/Aremoine · 2 months ago
I'm starting to like zora, I'm sorry I said you're an asshole
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