Black Clover Episode 6
The Black Bulls sub

4.7 (2438 votes)
Aired 2 years ago
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u/sumnigg · 10 months ago
wayy better than naruto
u/King_Naruto123 · 5 months ago
boyyyy where is your brain naruto is the best anime in the world I still cry in every episode
u/WEABOOISHERE · 6 months ago
Well, better than Shippuden at least.
u/Kakunana · 1 month ago
Actually Better than boruto
u/Loriethalion · 9 months ago
I truly don't see any point at all in comparing this to Naruto...
u/King_Naruto123 · 5 months ago
wait wait hold up do you mean naruto is better or that black clover is better
u/King_Naruto123 · 5 months ago
still feels like fairy tail since you have drunk, a punk who wants to fight, strong leader who is caring, and the dude that is wayyyyyyyyyy more powerful than he thinks
u/Chillx · 9 months ago
In my opinion Naruto little bit better
u/Leon · 6 months ago
I agree
u/Dovakin · 19 hours ago
hey, the link is dead
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