Black Clover Episode 65
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4.7 (2438 votes)
Aired 10 months ago
Updated November 17, 2019 · 52.5k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/December · 10 months ago
Why is it they cannot stay consistent with the quality of the animation? Last few episodes looked great, this one looks like they gave a box of crayons to Micheal j Fox. Other then that I enjoyed the episode.
u/K1211464 · 10 months ago
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u/DarkLord · 10 months ago
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u/Aj13 · 8 months ago
A prostitute is someone who goes around and sleep with people for money, Vanessa doesn't do that so get off.
u/Fullweab · 8 months ago
That's retarded. You're retarded. Vannesa is not a prostitute... Where tf did u get that from???
u/OnlyGraD · 7 months ago
I think that was a joke...
u/Klaus · 10 months ago
u/Xbass · 10 months ago
second :D nice episode Miz Vanessa
u/RemnantMemory · 10 months ago
finally new OP, got tired of the old OP. and Mereoleona hype....
u/EhCJ · 10 months ago
@K1211464 do u even know what a prostitute is u, dumb idiot
u/DarkLord · 10 months ago
great Episode 10/10 i realy enjoyed so much but it lags so much when i watch somthing from this Webside Please fix it and thank you so much.
u/lukistar · 9 months ago
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