Azur Lane Episode 3
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/SoleSamson50 · 1 month ago
The American point of view when the British shared their radar systems with us.
u/Eff3muri · 1 month ago
Good series
u/50centjohn · 1 month ago
the mobile game is good too though
u/Eff3muri · 1 month ago
Yeah, I play the game too, so I have a bit of a favorable bias towards this anime lol.
u/50centjohn · 1 month ago
yeah, this definitely sounds like most of us that play the game XD
u/DualThrone · 1 month ago
I'm beginning to adore Belfast. They decided to give her a very cool personality.
u/Sigismund247 · 1 month ago
I swear to god if don't get to see a Bismarck, Tirpitz, or Graff Spee. I am going to be very disappointed.
u/Jacara · 1 month ago
Why is she always like that? Because shes the Enterprise =D All those that opposed the Grey Ghost feared her.
u/TTBurger88 · 1 month ago
who is the main protagonist of this series
u/daddypatties · 1 month ago
This link explains that it is Enterprise, now I'll warn you it does have some spoilers, so I WILL NOT tell you why she is the main protagonist, because if I do I'll get downvoted, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK :)
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