Assassins Pride Episode 2
When the Girl's World Changes sub

4.5 (402 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
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u/iredranger · 1 month ago
You Monkey Girl Lmaoooooo !
u/Anobeus · 1 month ago
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u/Alpha316 · 1 month ago
Perhaps you missed the first episode where he decides whether or not to kill her. For all his white knight talk he is an emotionless assassin who won't think twice if he decides to fulfil the mission his leader gave him.
u/FUzzyNoodles · 1 month ago
i hate it the most when people compare "kirito with other mc's in a "sword" anime, and plus its way better than arifurieta, the cgi is good and the plot too
u/Sky9651 · 1 month ago
A bit rushed, and has bad transitions, but overall has an interesting plot! :D
u/ShuDiZo · 1 month ago
still way better than One punch man season 2 animation
u/aduka- · 1 month ago
flat girl animu
u/LightningSykes · 1 month ago
This loli wearing lingerie. I don't know how I feel about that.
u/KeruFC · 1 month ago
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u/ShuDiZo · 1 month ago
completely unrelated and just your unjudgeful opinion.
u/KeruFC · 1 month ago
completely true about it being an opinion, enjoy watching I'm not judging lel
u/max · 1 month ago
u/prosathu1802 · 1 month ago
A year of manga worth 2 anime episodes. Lit
u/tankslayer21 · 1 month ago
they left some lline in the mang out witch takes come comedy away also he training and explanation of some of the ways to fight too
u/traxdize · 1 month ago
Damn, they skipped a lot of things
u/XavierFoster · 1 month ago
Melida running in OP, i'm in love with it!
u/biskutjacob · 4 weeks ago
Holy hell, the OP lit af!
u/Ran · 1 month ago
monkey girl haha
u/Ender · 1 month ago
I'm still not sure if I like this, I guess I'll watch a few more episodes
u/Shampuru · 1 month ago
Holy mother of timeskips. A week condensed into a less than a second transition. Not even time for a shoddily put together training montage, huh?
As a LN reader, they were jarring af. But it's still looking fairly good.
u/Miskk · 1 month ago
I don't know but the OP would be awesome in beat saber
u/meimomochi · 1 month ago
is it just me or is this anime a bit fast-paced??
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